Costa was born and grew up on the West Coast of Russia where he landed his first role at the age of five. In 1996 he migrated to New Zealand, and then in 2001 to Australia, where he continued training and performing.

Costa Ronin stars in the hit drama series The Americans on FX Network as Oleg Burov. Heading into it’s 6th and final season in 2018.

After continual success in Australia where Costa appeared in iconic AFI nominated drama The Circuit on SBS, East-West 101 and False Witness aka The Diplomat as well as one of Australian highest crossing films Red Dog, Costa’s appeared in The Midnighters in 2014 and stared on CBS’s show Extant. In the same year, he joined Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in Agent Carter as one of Marvel’s iconic characters, Anton Vanko. The following year Costa joined DC Comic Universe. This time in Gotham as Luka Volk, making him one of the few to ever play in both Marvel and DC Comic worlds.

Additional film credits include: The Body Tree , and Brighton Beach produced by Molly Connors (Birdman) followed by a stint on the new Sharon Stone’s show Agent X and Scorpion and Guillermo del Toro’s hit The Strain

In his free time, Costa rides his motorcycle on the city streets, loves to sail and travel the world. He resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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